Participate in the Great ShakeOut to Prepare for an Earthquake 

 October 12, 2016

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The Great ShakeOut will be held across the United States on October 20 in most locations. It is a way for people to practice what to do if their location experiences an earthquake. People across the country are registering to participate in earthquake drills where they will practice what to do if one occurs. Individuals, schools, businesses, and community organizations are getting involved.

How to Get Ready for the Great ShakeOut

To prepare for the Great ShakeOut, start to think about what would happen if an earthquake occurred in your area. Make plans now so you can protect yourself and your family in an emergency. You can download instructions from the Great ShakeOut’s website and talk to others who have participated in drills. You can also display posters and flyers in your school, workplace, or community.

How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill

At the time of the drill, practice what to do if an earthquake strikes. Drop to the ground, take cover under a large piece of furniture, such as a table or desk, to protect yourself from falling objects, and hold onto it for at least 60 seconds.

During the drill, look around you and imagine what objects might fall in a real earthquake. Think about what types of damage might result and what your life might be like in the aftermath.

Practice how you would communicate with your family, friends, and coworkers after an earthquake. You should text people before you try to make phone calls.

Check for Possible Sources of Injuries

The organizers of the Great Shakeout recommend doing a “hazard hunt” to look for items that might fall during an earthquake so you can secure them. Non-structural objects, such as bookshelves and equipment, could fall and cause injuries. You may need to move these items to make the environment safer.

Create a Plan to Deal with an Earthquake

Create a disaster preparedness plan for your family. Think about each family member’s specific needs, including pets. Make sure everyone in your household knows how to use a fire extinguisher. Create or check your emergency supply kit. It should have enough non-perishable food and water for each person for two or three days, as well as flashlights, first aid kits, a crank radio, and possibly a generator and fuel. You should also have emergency supplies in your car in case you are in it when an earthquake strikes. If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of earthquakes, you might want to consider earthquake insurance. If you run a business or organization, make sure to have a continuity plan in place.

Order Supplies for Your Emergency Kit

1st Aid Supplies has many of the supplies that you should include in your emergency kit, including first aid kits, flashlights, crank radios, and emergency food and water. Order supplies today so you will be prepared if an earthquake hits in your area.


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