Over the Counter Drugs Your First Aid Kit Should Include 

 October 9, 2017

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Emergency situations can happen at a moment’s notice. Many unplanned incidents can be addressed quickly and efficiently if the right tools and supplies are in reach when they occur. This is why having a fully stocked first aid kit is the best preparation your home or business can have.

Sometimes an emergency isn’t that severe. Minor scrapes or slight headaches must still be addressed. While keeping band aids and ointments in your first aid kit is a given, you should also keep things like over the counter drugs on hand.

Having medications in your first aid kit allows for quick response to an issue and also ensures productivity levels are kept.

Here are some over the counter drugs your first aid kit should include.

Cold Medicine

Cold and flu symptoms can creep up at any time. Everything from runny noses to sneezing and coughing can be disruptive and difficult to calm without medicines. Having a selection of decongestants, cough drops and pain relievers on hand will ensure a range of ailments are addressed.  

Pain Relief Pills

Pain medicines ease the issues associated with everything from headaches and muscle spasms to backaches, and more. Over the counter meds can offer temporary relief from these issues and come in a variety of options from name-brand to generic. Be sure users are reading the package and taking proper dosages of these pills.


Upset stomach and heartburn are uncomfortable and can make sitting through a workday hard. With antacid tablets and anti-diarrhea products, you can provide relief for sufferers in no time.  Options in boxes with individual packets are available for easier dispensing.

Check out the array of products available at 1St Aid Supplies to ensure your home and workplace have all of the tools and products needed to address any emergency or non-emergency situation that can crop up.

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