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 October 25, 2016

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An accident or a natural disaster can occur anywhere at any time. A person can become trapped in a vehicle following a collision or can become trapped in a car or a damaged building following a flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or another type of natural disaster. When that occurs, people rely on first responders to get them out of danger.

Paramedics, firefighters, and police officers are called upon to respond to emergencies and get victims to safety. This is why it is critical for first responders to have the tools and equipment they need to deal with emergencies and get people out of harm’s way. 1st Aid Supplies has a variety of supplies that first responders can use to react quickly and get people to safety following an emergency.

Supplies to Free Trapped Individuals

1st Aid Supplies has many tools that can be used in an emergency. We have multi-function pocket tools that can be used to free a person who is trapped because of a disaster. We offer flashlights with glass punch and seatbelt cutters and gas shut-off tools. 1st Aid Supplies offers LifeHammer ResQMe car rescue escape tools and pry bars to get people out of vehicles where they are trapped.

Tools to Transport Injured Victims to Safety

We have inflatable splint kits that can be used to immobilize an injured limb until the person can be taken to a hospital for formal treatment. We have backboards and basket stretchers that can be used to safely transport a patient while immobilizing the back and neck to prevent further harm. We also offer emergency evacuation chairs, cots, and first aid lounges where victims of disasters can rest.

Emergency Communication Supplies

In an emergency situation, it is critical to communicate the danger to the public so others do not also become victims. 1st Aid Supplies carries caution and danger barrier tape, megaphones, and whistles.

Supplies to Protect First Responders

We also have supplies to keep first responders safe. We have hard hats, safety goggles, and particulate masks with valves to protect rescuers from breathing in toxic fumes or dust. We also offer orange safety vests so first responders will be clearly visible to others.

Order Search and Rescue Tools from 1st Aid Supplies

First responders need to be prepared to help people in danger at a moment’s notice. It is essential for police, firefighters, and EMTs to have the tools and equipment they need to get people out of harm’s way following an accident or a natural disaster. 1st Aid Supplies has a variety of critical search and rescue tools. Order emergency rescue supplies from 1st Aid Supplies today.


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