Order Cots and Stretchers to Treat Injured Patients 

 September 26, 2016

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If someone gets injured at work or at school, he or she may be able to get up and move to another location. It may be necessary to lie down and elevate the affected area to reduce pain and swelling. When someone is feeling ill, he or she may want to lie down in the infirmary or nurse’s office. In cases involving serious injuries, a patient should not be moved except by first responders.

Cots for Patients to Rest and Receive Treatment

A folding cot can be a safe and comfortable place for a person who is sick or injured to lie down and receive medical attention, or simply to rest. All medical facilities at schools and businesses should have a place where a patient can lie down when receiving treatment or resting.

1st Aid Supplies has many medical supplies that can be used to treat all types of injuries. We have cots and first aid lounges where an ill or injured person can lie down to rest or receive treatment, as long as he or she is able to move safely.

Supplies for Medical Professionals to Move Injured Patients

In some cases, a person may be seriously injured and unable to move, or it may not be safe to move him or her. Moving a seriously injured person can sometimes lead to even more severe injuries. If someone has a neck or back injury or a broken bone, it is better to wait for trained first responders to arrive, unless the person needs to be moved because of another serious threat to safety. First responders will have the necessary equipment and will know the best way to move the person to minimize the risk of further injury.

1st Aid Supplies offers supplies that first responders can use to move patients safely. We have backboards that can be used to stabilize a patient’s spine to prevent further injury to the head, neck, or back. We also have basket stretchers and emergency evacuation chairs that can be used to transport a patient out of a dangerous situation.

Order Cots, Stretchers, and Backboards from 1st Aid Supplies

1st Aid Supplies has cots where patients can lie down at school or at work and backboards, basket stretchers, and emergency evacuation chairs that first responders can use to transport patients safely so they can receive medical treatment. If you need supplies for your school, workplace, or ambulance, order them from 1st Aid Supplies today.


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