March to Health: Spreading Awareness + Prevention Tips 

 March 4, 2019

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The month of March is dedicated to promoting health and wellness awareness and includes a number of days dedicated to various health conditions and causes. This month is a great opportunity to remind staff about the importance of regular check-ups and safety prevention.

For this post, we’re highlighting the major health awareness topics as they have relevance in many workplaces and offering tips on how you can prevent disasters.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

The entire month of March is focused on bringing awareness to brain injuries and improving the quality of life for those affected by it.

In the workplace, this type of injury is common at construction sites or where falling is common. Since head injuries are so common and so dangerous, steps to protect workers and their heads is critical.

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Focus on Eye Health

The month of March also has a focus on eye health and specifically on taking steps to save one’s vision and keep eyes healthy while at work.

Regardless of the work environment, there are all types of industries where keeping the eyes safe is applicable. From office workers who sit too long in front of computer screens to factory workers staring at small pieces on a conveyor line or welders – there is so much that must go into protecting one’s vision.

The American Optometric Association’s “Save Your Vision” Month campaign as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology and its “Workplace Eye Wellness” focus for the month are both great reminders to get serious about the protective eyewear and training you’re providing to staff to keep their vision safe.

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National Poison Prevention Week

The third week of March is dedicated as, “National Poison Prevention Week” passed by Congress in 1962 and focused on making the public aware of how they can prevent accidental poisoning as well as where they can get help.

Tips include: improving the storage of toxic chemicals and substances, using proper warning signs at the workplace and making use of CO detectors as well as locks for medicine cabinets in the home.

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