Make Sure You Have a First Aid Kit for Your Summer Camping Trip 

 April 19, 2017

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Summer is coming up. Kids are going to be out of school, and families are looking forward to taking trips to enjoy spending some time together away from home. Many families enjoy going camping in wooded areas and exploring hiking trails. That can be a fun experience for everyone, but it does carry risks. Someone can get injured while on a camping trip, so it is important to be prepared for an emergency by having a first aid kit stocked with essential supplies. 

Be Prepared with First Aid Supplies to Treat Cuts

Someone can fall and cut a knee or get scraped by a tree branch. Cuts can also occur when preparing food or doing other daily activities at the campsite. Be prepared to treat minor cuts by making sure you have essential supplies in your first aid kit. You should have an assortment of bandages in different sizes and antibiotic ointment to put on a cut to prevent infection. 

Some cuts are more serious. If you are unable to get an injured person to a hospital quickly, you can close a wound with a butterfly bandage. This can control bleeding until the person is able to seek medical attention. 

Tweezers Can Remove Splinters

Being out in the woods, there is a good chance that someone will get a splinter from a tree or a piece of firewood. Splinters can be painful and can become infected if they are not removed quickly. Make sure your first aid kit has a pair of tweezers so you can remove a splinter from under the skin. 

Make Sure Your First Aid Kit Has Pain Relievers

Any injury can be painful. Your first aid kit should have pain relievers to provide relief after an injury. Tylenol and Motrin can both alleviate the pain associated with many common injuries while camping. 

Order a First Aid Kit for Your Summer Camping Trip

1st Aid Supplies sells several types of first aid kits that you can take along on your family camping trips this summer. Our first aid kits contain bandages, gauze pads, cleansing wipes, cold packs, tweezers, pain relievers, and other essentials that can help you be prepared in case an injury occurs. Order a first aid kit before your first summer camping trip.

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