Looking Ahead to 2020: First Aid & Safety at Your Business 

 November 18, 2019

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As we prepare to enter into a new decade in just over a month, it’s important that businesses do better in every way. Not only to improve their bottom line and work on operational efficiencies but also to protect their employees, customers and the entire workplace from any potential disasters.

Since emergencies of all kinds can happen at any time, it’s important to have preparations in place and supplies on hand that address these potential disasters.

2020 is a great year to make a lasting impact on your operations safety protocols. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind when it comes to first aid and safety at your business.

Understand Industry-specific Regulations

All employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment. This includes rules for supplying the correct amount of first aid supplies for injuries likely to happen, to cover an adequate amount of people and reasonably accessible for all in an emergency. It is important to understand what these codes are for your specific industry to ensure compliance for your environment.

Perform an Audit for Key Data

Audits are important in the workplace. They can be used to predict losses, improve output and even to prepare for future emergencies. Take inventory around your workplace to better understand what risks are present and which first aid supplies will likely be needed.

Implement Regular Training

Regular, ongoing training is critical to assist with resolving emergency incidents quickly and avoiding accidents altogether. When employees have the skills to save lives and the tools or are more aware of potential dangers it lowers the costs and risks that come along with catastrophes. Take time to show them how to use first aid supplies and equipment. They should know where to find the fire extinguisher and how to use it!

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