Keeping First Aid Supplies Where They’re Needed 

 January 5, 2023

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t enjoy hearing about injuries and accidents. You might cringe when someone talks about having to go to a doctor’s appointment, or perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of some not-so-great accidents. But if you’re in a workplace with employees and customers, it’s important that everyone knows how to deal with emergencies so they can stay safe at all times.

One of the most important things you can do is keep your first aid supplies where they’re needed—and that goes beyond just keeping them in an easily accessible location! There is planning, strategy and purpose that needs to go into where you place your kits around the workplace. 

Keep your first aid kit stocked.

The first step in keeping your kit stocked is to make sure you have the supplies you will need. This can be accomplished by keeping a list of everything that should be in a first aid kit, then checking off each item as it is added. This will ensure that all of the necessary items are included and nothing has been forgotten.

Once you have ensured that you have all of the appropriate supplies for an emergency situation, it’s time to check on whether or not those items are still in good condition. If any supplies seem damaged or old, replace them right away with new ones so they can be effective when needed most!

It’s also important to remember that being prepared includes being ready for anything—so even though there may be times when a sudden injury occurs (and thus no time to prepare), having ample stock on hand will help ensure that no matter what happens next, everyone involved will receive immediate care until medical professionals arrive at the scene

Consider keeping multiple kits in different areas.

If you work in a small office, having one kit may be enough however if you work in a large building, consider keeping multiple first aid kits in different areas of the building. This may also be a requirement by OSHA. It’s important to check with regulations for your business. For example, one first aid kit could be kept behind the reception desk and another could be placed at a central location (like the break room) so that employees can grab whichever one is closest to where they happen to be working during an emergency. Others may be mandated to be closer to certain workstations where injuries are more likely. Again – it’s important to check with the regulations in your industry to ensure you are always compliant.

Store your first aid kit in a clearly labeled, clearly visible location.

Finally, if you’re going to have a first aid kit on hand, it’s important that you do all you can to ensure that it’s accessible. Store your first aid kit in a clearly labeled and visible location—whether that’s near the front door or somewhere else in the home. Additionally, make sure everyone knows where the supplies are kept and how to use them in case of an emergency.

Reassess the contents of your first aid kit, what you need, and where you need it at least once a year.

Should you find that your first aid kit is missing some supplies, it’s important to replenish them as soon as possible. 1staidsupplies.com carries all the supplies you need to stay protected. We have an extensive inventory of first aid and medical supplies to choose from. Bandages, pain relieving tablets, gauze, ointment, oxygen–whatever you need, we make replenishing your inventory as easy as can be. Any order can be customized to meet your needs.

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