Keep Newborns and Toddlers Safe with These 10 First Aid Supplies 

 September 14, 2022

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Keeping your infant or toddler safe is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. It’s also one of the most challenging because babies and toddlers are small, curious creatures who can get into trouble quickly.

It’s important to be prepared for any emergency that might come up. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep your little one safe and sound, no matter where you are!

Having a first aid kit on hand is one of the fastest ways to stop bleeding and treat minor injuries before they become big problems. 

First aid kits are an essential part of every home—and they should be kept in an easy-to-reach place like a kitchen cabinet or bathroom drawer. Packing one in the car or a diaper bag as an extra precaution also makes sense. The kit should include the following first aid supplies you can buy online:

  1. Band-aids: Band-Aids are great for covering cuts and scrapes to stop blood loss and contamination.
  1. Antacids: If your child has an upset stomach or is experiencing abdominal pain, antacids can help relieve symptoms associated with heartburn and indigestion.
  2. Cold medicine: Baby colds are no joke—they’re miserable for both parents and kids alike! Having some OTC cold medicine on hand can help ease symptoms like sore throat, and runny nose.
  3. A thermometer: to check the temperature of their body when they have a fever or if they get overheated.
  1. Antibiotic ointment with pain reliever: For treating scratches and burns
  2. Alcohol wipes: For cleaning any wounds on the surface of the skin before applying bandages or ointment.
  1. Tweezers: For removing splinters from your child’s skin.
  1. Rubbing alcohol: For disinfecting cuts and scrapes on children who are old enough not to swallow it (older than 2 years).
  2. Hydrogen peroxide 3%: For cleaning wounds that are deeper than a Band-Aid can cover up.
  3. Antihistamine cream: In case of any allergic reactions apply quickly to calm the reaction.
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