Hypothermia Tips to Make it Through Winter’s Coldest Days 

 December 19, 2019

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This winter has already been an exceptionally cold one and we haven’t even made it to December 21st just yet. With cold temps expected to continue, many who must work outdoors are battling with keeping warm while efficient. Hypothermia and frostbite are both very serious conditions that can cause loss of limbs and even death.

Here are some important tips for protection during the coldest days as your team is working outdoors.

Stay Dry

If you tend to sweat a lot or will be coming into contact with cold water it’s important to you stay dry. Quickly change out of wet gloves or clothing before it has the chance to bring down your body temperature. Frostbite happens when there is no more blood flow or oxygen being supplied to certain parts of the body like fingers and toes. The new clothing should be dry and preferably warm. Don’t forget to also layer on blankets to aid in keeping your body warm and away from the dangers of hypothermia.

Recognize the Signs

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is suffering from cold weather issues. Frostbite causes a pin and needles sensation and even numbness. With hypothermia, the skin will become pale and cold to the touch. They will also be chattering and shivering furiously as a sign that they cannot get warm. What’s even more proof that trouble is setting in is when confusion sets in or even loss of consciousness. If this happens quickly administer CPR.

Keep Supplies Handy

It’s important to always have trained staff and first aid supplies on-site at your workplace and on the job to treat any possible injuries. As soon as someone realizes a cold-weather episode is occurring, they should move the victim indoors or wrap them warmly. Now’s the time to remind staff how to handle weather conditions on the job and check that your first aid kits are fully stocked.

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