Hurricane Safety Supplies Your First Aid Kit Needs Now 

 September 19, 2017

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Hurricane season is upon us. And this year has already proven to be quite an active one with many more brewing in the Atlantic. As Irma’s devastation moves past, many are now focusing on hurricane Jose and tropical storm Maria which is strengthening. With the uncertainty of these storms making landfall, disaster preparation is imperative.

Having a first aid kit on hand is the only way to ensure you can quickly tend to an emergency should it occur. Everything from bandages to wound dressings and ointments are a great way to be prepared.

Have you looked over your first aid kit lately to ensure it’s fully stocked?


Something you might not think about before an impending emergency comes along is the fact that you may not have access to routine medications or other medical supplies you will need. Keeping an extra backup of these items on hand for emergencies can be critical in some cases. Other pain relief and cold meds are also great to have on hand for common aches and pains or other issues caused simply from the stress of a disaster.

First Aid for the Skin

While first aid kits are a great item to treat burns or other skin irritations that could occur, there are other needs for skin care products in a first aid kit that you should consider. In heavy floods or when access to clean running water is restricted and when bacteria can be spread easily, you’ll want to make sure your first aid kit has hand sanitizers and wipes readily available. Bug repellents are also a great idea to stock up on as sitting water can attract insects.


It’s a good idea to have instruments like tweezers and scissors in your first aid kit because you never know when you need to remove glass or other shrapnel from under someone’s skin or quickly cut something in an emergency. Sometimes the fastest way to get to a wound is to cut away clothes blocking the wound that needs immediate attention.  

Extra Supplies

If you know there’s going to be a specific event that could cause issues coming up, it might be smart to stock up on extra supplies. Many times in a disaster, you’ll have a larger number of incidents to address during that time. You can never go wrong by adding some extra gauze and ointments to your kit or adding new supplies you’ll likely need during a disaster.

1st Aid Supplies offers all the supplies you need to be prepared for any situation. Whether you’re looking to buy an entire first aid kit or just need to stock up on a few items, rest assured you’ll be prepared and safe.

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