How to Treat First Degree Burns 

 May 28, 2020

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Burns can vary in severity but are equally important to address immediately when they occur as infection or other problems can come along with the burn. For this post, we’ll look specifically at first degree burns and how they should be treated as well as the first aid supplies you should keep in your kit to dress burns. 

What’s Considered a First Degree Burn

First, it’s important to know which degree of burn is most severe so you can properly aid in dressing the wound or calling for help in an emergency. 
A first degree burn occurs on the superficial level of the skin. In other words, just the outer layer – of the epidermis is scalded. This can result in red coloring, blister or pain.

People typically will get a first-degree burn from being out in the UV rays on a sunny day for too long or will spill a super-hot liquid and get burned by that. Other causes include not being careful around plugs and cords and being burned by electricity. 

How Should First Degree Burns Be Treated?

If you are dealing with a safety emergency that includes a first-degree burn, you should know how to properly address it. The first key step is getting the burn under cold running water or using a cold compress to help stop swelling. You should also apply an antiseptic spray or ointment and then loosely wrap the affected area with gauze and bandages. Be sure to pay attention that the burn does not become infected and that a new layer of skin forms within the next week or so. If not, contact a doctor. 

Burn Supplies to Keep in your First Aid Cabinet 

At 1stAidSupplies.com we have an extensive inventory of first aid and medical supplies to fill your kits and cabinets with. From bandages to pain-relieving tablets, gauze, ointment, oxygen–and more! 

Be sure to stock up your cabinet with supplies to address potential burns including the Water-Jel burn kit. It includes the water-based gel, burn spray, first aid cream, packets of antiseptic, to address minor burns that economical single-use packets are perfect for safety and convenience.

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