How to Quickly Refill Your First Aid Kit 

 January 28, 2021

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Having one or more first aid kits at your home or business can allow your family or employees to act quickly if an accident occurs or someone falls ill. If you run a business, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may mandate that you have a minimum number of first aid kits at your site. It may also require you to have specific types of supplies available, based on the nature of your business and the types of hazards your employees face.

If multiple people use a first aid kit on a regular basis, you may run low or run out of some items. It’s therefore important to periodically check your first aid kit, figure out what needs to be replaced, and order those supplies so you can replenish your stock and ensure that people will always have access to everything they might need.

Make a List of Things That Have to Be Replaced

Start out by looking at a list of what was included in your first aid kit when you bought it. Comparing that list with what you have on hand can help you easily identify what you need to stock up on. 

Some supplies, such as pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, and burn cream, have an expiration date. If they’re used after those dates, they may not be effective. Go through your first aid kit, check all items with expiration dates, and make a list of ones that need to be replaced so you can include them in your order.

Check Your First Aid Kits on a Regular Basis

Create a schedule to ensure that your first aid supplies are restocked periodically. The frequency will depend on your family’s or company’s needs. In some cases, refilling a kit once or twice a year will be fine. If you run a large business where your workers are exposed to hazards on a regular basis, you may have multiple first aid kits that need to be restocked once a month.

Assign responsibility for maintaining first aid kits to one or more individuals. If you run a large company, you may want to make one person in each department responsible for replenishing first aid kits. It may make sense to have an individual from each department submit a list of needed supplies to another person who will then order supplies for the entire company and distribute them when they arrive.

Order Supplies to Restock Your First Aid Kit

1st Aid Supplies sells a wide range of products that your employees or family members can use to deal with minor injuries and illnesses. Those include bandages, hot and cold packs, compresses, and other supplies. Figure out what you need to restock your first aid kit and place your order today.

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