How to Protect Restaurant Workers from Burns 

 May 31, 2016

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Workers in the restaurant industry are the most likely to get burned on the job. According to the Burn Foundation, around 12,000 restaurant workers are burned at work each year. Burns can range from mild to devastating. Here are some tips to help you prevent burns and keep your employees safe.

How Restaurant Workers Can Get Burned on the Job

Burns occur in restaurants for several reasons. They often happen when safety policies and procedures are not followed or are not enforced by managers. They can also happen when people are rushing to get orders to customers and take shortcuts or get careless. People can get burned if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the job.

Workplace burn injuries can occur when a person’s skin comes into contact with any hot surface or substance. Restaurant workers can be burned on the job by hot stoves, ovens, grills, oil, grease, liquids, steam, food, sauces, and electrical appliances.

How to Keep Workers Safe

Workers can protect themselves on the job by exercising caution at all times, by using the right protective equipment and clothing, and by following proper food handling procedures. Here are some tips:

•    Wear gloves or mitts when handling hot pots or cooking with hot oil.

•    Wear non-skid shoes to avoid slipping and spilling hot foods or liquids.  

•    If a grease fire occurs, extinguish it by sliding a lid over the top of the container, not by throwing water on it.

•    Never move a container with oil that is hot or on fire.

•    Do not reach across hot surfaces and burners. Use barriers to avoid contact with hot surfaces.

•    Follow instructions on the use of electrical appliances.

•    Managers should routinely train workers on how to use equipment and should have warning labels on hazardous equipment. Employees should be retrained periodically.

Have a First Aid Kit

Following these tips can prevent many burns in a restaurant kitchen, but they might still occur. You should be prepared with a first aid kit that contains supplies to treat burns, such as burn dressing, burn cream, burn spray, and blankets. Order supplies for your kit from 1st Aid Supplies today.


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