How to Prevent and Treat Eye Injuries 

 February 28, 2017

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A foreign object in the eye can cause severe pain and can possibly affect vision. If you or someone else gets injured by something in an eye, the situation needs to be treated immediately to reduce pain and prevent long-term injury. Here are some tips so you will know how to respond. 

What to Do If You Have a Foreign Object in Your Eye

It is important not to rub your eye because that can scratch the cornea, or outer surface. If you wear contact lenses, remove them as soon as possible. Wash your hands before you touch your eye. 

If the object is above the pupil or the iris of your eye, you can try to flush it out with water or eye wash. If it doesn’t come out, call your doctor. If the object is over the white part of your eye, wet a cotton swab or the end of a twisted tissue and gently touch your eye to remove the object. Your eye may feel irritated after you do this. 

You should not try to remove a piece of metal or an object that has punctured the eye or cannot be flushed out. Call your doctor. Never try to remove an object from your eye with tweezers or any other hard object.

You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Follow the instructions on the package. Call your doctor if you experience changes in vision, increased pain, blood over the iris, light sensitivity, symptoms of infection, or if your symptoms become more severe. 

How to Prevent Eye Injuries

You should have eye wash in your first aid kit at home or at work so you can flush your eye if it is injured by a flying object. If your employees work in jobs where they could be exposed to flying debris, you should make protective equipment, such as safety glasses and goggles, available to prevent eye injuries. You should also wear goggles or safety glasses if you are going to do work at home and there is a risk of flying objects that could injure your eyes.

Order Eye Wash and Protective Eye Equipment

1st Aid Supplies offers a complete line of products that can keep you and your family or employees safe and help you be prepared to treat a wide variety of injures, including a foreign object in an eye. Order eye wash for your first aid kit or cabinet and protective eyewear to prevent eye injuries. 

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