How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home 

 December 18, 2020

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Because of the coronavirus, colds, and the flu, it’s important to clean and disinfect frequently at home to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible. Here are some tips to help you keep your family safe and healthy.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

For hard surfaces, such as counters, tables, appliances, light switches, and doorknobs, start by using soap and water to remove dirt and germs. Then use a disinfectant spray or wipes to kill germs that weren’t removed by cleaning. 

Before you clean and disinfect electronics, such as cellphones and laptops, make sure you know how to do so without accidentally causing damage. Check the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to find out what types of cleaning and disinfecting products are safe to use and which to avoid.

For carpets and drapes, use a cleaning product designed for that type of surface or material. If you wash curtains or rugs, use an appropriate temperature, and dry those items completely. 

Follow the instructions on the label when washing and drying clothes. Use the warmest temperature that’s safe for each item. 

How to Use Cleaning and Disinfecting Products Safely 

When shopping for a disinfectant, find one that’s effective against coronaviruses. Some products, such as bleach, should be diluted before you use them. Consult the label to learn the appropriate ratio and how long you should leave the disinfectant on a surface before wiping it. Follow recommended safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and ventilating the room, and learn how to store leftover solution safely.

Make sure that cleaning and disinfecting products are clearly labeled and stored out of children’s reach. If you have cleaners or disinfectants that you didn’t purchase recently, check the expiration dates before you use them.

Don’t mix chemicals. Doing so can produce dangerous fumes that may cause serious health problems if they’re inhaled.

What to Do If a Family Member Is Sick

If someone in your household is ill, have that person stay in a separate bedroom and use a separate bathroom, if possible, to reduce the risk of infecting other family members. If the person who is ill can clean and disinfect those areas, that can help others in the household avoid contact with germs. If another person must handle cleaning and disinfecting, that individual should wear gloves and take other precautions to avoid becoming sick.

You can wash a sick individual’s laundry with clothes that belong to other people, but you should wear gloves when handling laundry belonging to someone who is ill. Disinfect laundry baskets regularly to prevent the spread of germs.

Order Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

1st Aid Supplies sells germicidal wipes and gloves that can protect you when cleaning and disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces. Order supplies today to protect your family from illness this winter.

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