How to Choose the Right Place to Store Your AED 

 June 13, 2017

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wall mounted AED in parking garageAn automated external defibrillator, or AED, can deliver a life-saving electric shock to restart the heart of someone who has suffered cardiac arrest. An AED can be used immediately by a layperson before paramedics arrive. Many businesses, schools, and other locations have AEDs that can be used in an emergency.

It is important to store an AED in a place where it is accessible and easy to find. Every second is critical when treating a victim of cardiac arrest. In some instances, an AED is available but treatment is delayed simply because the person who needs to use the device has trouble finding it. Here are some tips on where you should keep your AED.

Where to Store Your AED

Your AED should be clearly visible. Don’t put it in a closet or a desk drawer where someone will need to search for it in an emergency. Good locations to store an AED are near a main entrance or in an area that gets a lot of traffic.

The AED should not be stored with other equipment, such as a first aid kit, that could block the view of the AED and get in the way. It should not be necessary to move other items out of the way to get to the AED. Someone should be able to remove the AED from the cabinet with one hand.

The location of the AED should be easy to say in an emergency. You should be able to explain the location with a short sentence. If it requires a longer explanation, look for another location that is easier to describe.

When you are training your employees on how to use the AED, take a walk to show them exactly where it is kept. This can eliminate any confusion so they can be prepared to respond quickly if someone suffers cardiac arrest.

Don’t Move the AED

Sometimes businesses and schools move the AED for a special event to make it easily accessible. This can be problematic because everyone may not know where the AED has been put. If someone experiences cardiac arrest, an employee may go to look for the AED in is regular location and discover that it is not there. Moving the AED also creates the possibility that it will not be put back in its regular location after the event. It is better to leave the AED in its regular location and possibly purchase another one for a special event.

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