Halloween First Aid: Keep Your Kit Stocked for Emergencies 

 October 23, 2017

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Ghosts and goblins aren’t the only scary thing to beware of on Halloween. There are also lots of potential accidents lurking behind candy, costumes and nighttime walking. This Halloween, be prepared for whatever frightening situations might pop-up by having your first aid kit ready and stocked.

Here are some potential dangers and how you can be prepared this Halloween.

Costume Problems

Dressing up is arguably the best part of this holiday. Fun, exciting costumes add to the enjoyment. But they are also a giant hazard. From heavy accessories, to costumes that are so long they cause users to trip and fall. This adds to the chances of scrapes and sprains occurring. Be sure Halloween costumes fit properly in advance and don’t pose any safety issues. But should one arise, having your first aid kit ready with wraps and heat or ice packs will have you well prepared.

Choking Hazards

Candy is probably the second best part of the day on Halloween. Treats are everywhere on Halloween and everyone from kids to adults are likely gorging on candy throughout the day. While they do taste good, some of them can actually be very dangerous if someone ends up choking. Since there isn’t much you can keep as far as products go in your first aid kit for choking, you should be sure to have training in the Heimlich maneuver.

Fire Safety

Most people probably aren’t thinking about fire prevention when it’s Halloween, but there are actually a lot of possible fires that can occur on this day. Think about all of the glowing jack-o-lanterns lining the same front steps that trick or treaters are walking up and down all night. Simply brushing up against these can cause a burn. Be sure your first aid kit includes burn care items like creams and sprays to alleviate the pain.

Increased Cuts

Speaking of those jack-o-lanterns, carving them increases the chances of cuts happening during the Halloween season. Having your first aid kit filled with band aids, ointments and antibiotic sprays is essential.  

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