Going On Vacation? Pack a First Aid Kit 

 February 5, 2018

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We are at the height of vacation planning season. Now’s the time to think about requesting time off from work so you don’t lose those precious vacation days you deserve. Plus, it’s time to finally plan that amazing summer trip with the family you keep talking about taking.  Planning in advance also means you’ll likely save money on airfare, rentals and hotels.

Whether you’re dreaming of laying on the beach with a drink in hand or want to go backpacking through the Grand Canyon, the options are endless.

After you book your tickets though and start the planning and packing, don’t forget about taking a first aid kit along for the ride.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them and nothing’s worse than being somewhere away from home with limited access and no supplies to address injuries or other ailments.

Avoid that situation and leave your home prepared.

Here are some first aid supplies to pack with you for vacation:

Antiseptic Sprays or Wipes

Sanitation is critical to prevent infection. Pack antiseptic wipes or sprays so you can immediately clean, remove debris and reduce the risk of infection. 

Sunblock and Bug Spray  

Protection from disease carrying mosquitoes and dangerous UV rays is vital. While getting a nice tan on a summer day may look great, the risks of over exposure are too great.


Everything from minor cuts and scrapes to larger injuries can be cared for quickly and easily with bandages on hand. Be sure to stock your kit with various sizes. 

Pain Relief Medications

Headaches and minor aches and pains can crop up at any time. Be prepared to alleviate the issue with over the counter pain relief meds in your first aid kit.

Now pack those bags and start the countdown for the fun and relaxation you deserve! 

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