Getting Employees Onboard with PPE 

 August 8, 2018

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Safety in the workplace is a number one priority particularly in industries like construction and manufacturing when employees are coming into contact with heavy machinery and dangerous risks throughout the workday. In addition to training, personal protective equipment (PPE) plays an important role in helping to curb injuries and fines. Understanding this necessity is only part of the solution. There is also a need to drive buy-in from employees so they truly understand the benefits and actually use PPE.  

Change Up Training

It’s always a good idea to change things up when you want to elicit a reaction. Boring, traditional training methods of having employees sit and watch an instructional video no longer works. Studies have shown most people react better when they are shown how to do something and have hands-on opportunities.

If you’re hoping to get employees to truly understand the importance of safety on the job and why using PPE can make them more efficient and productive, it’s a good idea to change up your training style and promote positive changes in safety behaviors with real-life examples of risks.

Offer Incentives and Rewards

While focusing on mistakes and bad habits is a good way for management to know what’s happening around the operations, you may find your workforce reacts positively when they are given rewards or incentive and other positive reinforcement anytime they practice safety measures. Over time the idea of following rules to be rewarded will become a natural habit on the work floor.

1stAidSupplies offers a wide variety of protective equipment to keep employees safe when dealing with a number of hazardous situations. We also offer solutions for spill cleanup, environmental safety, ergonomics, safety posters and signs, MSDS lockout and tag out and other OSHA-compliant safety equipment.

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