Freshen Up on Your First Aid Skills with Training & Certification Classes 

 December 19, 2017

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First aid skills are an important ability to have today. The fact that emergencies can happen at any time and place makes it critical to have training that could save a life or deter tragedy. Being able to administer CPR and other forms of first aid in these situations can be a matter of life and death. In the workplace, having people capable of treating injured employees before emergency responders can get there is also critical.

Workplace Safety

Employees have a responsibility to their workforce to offer proper training, protection and handling guidelines to keep them safe from harm. In fact, OSHA’s Federal Regulation on Blood Borne Pathogens and workplaces where there is interaction with bodily fluids, has very specific guidelines to follow on how employees are trained to handle and dispose of waste that cannot be overlooked.

To help ensure these rules are known throughout the workplace, there are safety and training CD's and videos that cover everything from how to safely use hand and power tools to industrial and office ergonomics.

Emergency Response

Not just workplace injuries and dangers should be considered. But the chances that an employee even just sitting at their desk could go into cardiac arrest is high enough to warrant precautionary steps and safeguards be put in place. Having employees with the skills and techniques needed for administering care could save a life. There is a 30 percent survival chance for victims of cardiac arrest if they are given CPR within one minute.

First Aid Classes

Even if you’ve offered first aid training in the past, you should provide employees with a chance to refresh their skills, learn new rules and even get new employees on the same page when it comes to safety. For some industries there are laws governing how frequently employees are trained for OSHA compliance and other safety tactics.

Contact 1st Aid Supplies to get training and certification for CPR, OSHA training and compliance and more. We have specific safety courses available for your needs. Schedule today!

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