First Aid Training for Retail Shops 

 September 8, 2020

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In a retail shop, accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time. If an ambulance is not able to reach your store quickly, the victim may suffer serious complications, and possibly even death. Training your employees in first aid can enable them to provide life-saving care at a moment’s notice.

How Customers and Employees Can Get Hurt at a Retail Shop

All sorts of accidents can happen in a store. For example, someone may slip and fall on a wet floor, or an item may fall from a shelf and hit someone on the head. Tools that employees use on the job, such as box cutters, can cause injuries.

Other types of accidents, such as choking, are possible. If your store sells food, someone may take a large bite and choke. An employee who is trained in first aid may be able to save a customer’s life.

Workers and customers may be exposed to other hazards in your retail shop. For example, a fire or a natural disaster may occur, or someone may be a victim of a crime.
In addition, any customer or employee may suffer a medical emergency at any time. You may have no way of knowing if someone in your store has a heart condition, diabetes, or some other chronic health problem.

Medium Vehicle First Aid Kit

How You Can Prepare Workers to Deal with Medical Emergencies

Your retail store should have one or more first aid kits or cabinets, depending on the size of the business. If you have a large store, first aid supplies should be available in locations throughout the building so employees will be able to access them when needed. Areas where employees are at higher risk of injury, such as in a warehouse, may require multiple first aid kits with more equipment than parts of the store where accidents are less likely to occur. All workers should know where first aid supplies are located.

The number of workers who should be trained in first aid will depend on the nature and size of your business. If employees work in potentially dangerous conditions, such as in a warehouse using forklifts to move heavy boxes, or if your business is open to the general public and the facility is spread out over a large area, it may be a good idea to provide first aid training for all workers. That way, someone will always be available to offer assistance if needed.

You should also consider the way workers’ shifts are scheduled. At least one employee who is qualified to render first aid should be available at all times.

Stock up on First Aid Equipment

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