First Aid Training & Your Business: Can You Really Afford to Skip It? 

 June 20, 2018

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As any successful business can attest to, employees are critical to operations and longevity. Their health, safety and enthusiasm at work are what make ongoing success possible. In addition to abiding by laws and regulations, it’s important to provide workers with an environment they feel safe and welcome in. For some businesses that may mean additional training, more team building events, or even additional securities put in place.

Whether you operate a business out of an office or have multiple busy construction sites, keeping employee health in mind is critical. Investing in their safety by purchasing protective equipment is a great way to ensure they have needed resources. Another way to build their confidence on the job is to offer training in life-saving tactics like CPR.

Medical emergencies happen around the clock and across workplaces. Whether workers are prepared for them or not. Consider adding first aid training courses to reduce the risk of crisis or further injury in times of disaster.

Faster response time can lead to greater survival rates and workers who are confident about handling critical situations are less likely to panic when they are actually happening. These first aid training courses are related to specific workplace risks and many are even mandated by OSHA so be sure to check that you’re in compliance.

The investment in first aid training courses are well worth it when less medical bills and happier, more productive employees are the result.

1stAidSupplies.com provides safety and first aid cd's for purchase that your company can use to train employees along with supplies to keep your first aid kits and first aid cabinets fully stocked with appropriate supplies.

Our website also offers a number of resources and information outlets for first aid training CPR, and OSHA classes

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