First Aid Supplies to Address Common Kitchen Injuries 

 November 6, 2017

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Kitchens are arguably one of the most important rooms in a house. It’s the place where meals are made, where families sit down to bond and where you’ll visit for that late night snack. Kitchens can also be dangerous since there are things like fire and knives being used. It’s important to stock your home’s first aid kit with supplies to address common injuries occurring in the kitchen to be sure you’re always prepared. Here are some ideas on what to keep in your first aid kit.


One of the only rooms in the house where you’ll be wielding a sharp object is the kitchen so being sure to use it properly is key. If you’re really into cooking, you may even have a super big, sharp knife to make chopping and dicing easier. But these tools come with risks. Even the safest, most skilled cook can mistakenly slip and cut themselves. Injuries from small nicks to huge gashes are possible. Be sure your first aid kit has bandages, patches and hydrogen peroxide spray at minimum to keep cuts clean and covered.


Regardless of cooking method or mechanism, the chances of getting burned increase substantially when you’re in the kitchen. Whether you’re working with a gas stove and open flame, baking in the oven and burn yourself through a pot holder, you’ll need to be ready to treat the burn as a precaution. Even electronic cooking devices like a rice cooker can cause injury if you open the lid and aren’t careful about the steam pouring out. Since it’s very easy to get burned, your home’s first aid kit should include burn dressings and cream with lidocaine for rapid relief.


Unfortunately those aren’t the only risks a kitchen can pose. Since the area includes the use of chemicals you could get a cleaner in your eyes for example, or slip and fall on a freshly washed floor. These situations would require you to have ice packs and eye wash on hand as well.

Since the possibilities on what could occur in the kitchen to create an emergency are endless, you should focus on buying a first aid kit that has all the perks and keeping it stocked when you notice supplies are running low. This is the only way to be sure you have what you need when disaster strikes.

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