First Aid Supplies That Keep You Covered During Common Injuries 

 May 1, 2018

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Scrapes and cuts are a common injury most people will face a multitude of times throughout their life. It’s easy to accidentally fall or rub up against something jagged and get snagged. Most of these are non-life threatening and easily fixed with a quick wash and band aid application.

Here are some of the most common supplies to fill in your portable first aid kit.

Adhesive Bandages

Cover small or large scrapes and cuts by keeping various adhesive, elastic bandage sizes in your first aid kit. Butterfly bandages are also great to have on hand when you need to closing deep lacerations.

Gauze & Tape

Larger wounds will require dressing using gauze and tape to properly cover the wound. These supplies are great for controlling bleeding as they are extra absorbent.

Over the Counter Medicines

Address allergies, headaches and common cold symptoms quickly by having the right medication on hand at all times. If you require other special emergency medications it’s important to keep extras on hand as well in case of an emergency. Your first aid kit is a great place to store them.

Basic Tools

Scissors, tweezers and safety pins are also great tools to keep in your first aid kit to assist with dressing an injury, pulling out debris from the skin or closing a bandage in a pinch. Application items like cotton swabs and latex gloves should also be stocked.

Keeping a simple first aid kit on hand at all times will ensure you have the basic supplies needed to address the most common injuries. Whether you purchase an already assembled kit with supplies or use your own plastic container and fill it with supplies, the important thing is to ensure you have the right items and enough of them.

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