First Aid Supplies for Earthquakes 

 February 15, 2018

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Earthquakes, the occurrence of sudden shaking of the ground when earth’s tectonic plates shift, is a very real threat today. From minor earth tremors, to more catastrophic seismic activity, it has become critical that we monitor and track earthquakes for emergency response and preparedness.

If you live in an area that has already seen earthquake activity, and even if you’re not, it’s best to have a first aid kit handy as well as disaster preparations should one happen.

Ideal First Aid Kits for Earthquakes

While your first aid kit can’t do anything to stop an earthquake from happening and causing damage, having supplies readily available to assist the injured, or to survive for a few days should you become trapped, will increase the chances you’ll come out of a disaster on top.

We carry a variety of ready-made earthquake survival kits, like the:

Want to Build Your Own Kit?

You can order an earthquake-ready first aid kit that includes supplies to help with the aftermath of a natural disaster, or choose to build your own.

If you’d like to compile your own first aid kit for earthquakes you should keep it neat and organized in a dedicated box for easy access and transportation.

Use a metal tool box or fishing tackle box to keep the supplies safe from water and other damage.

Items you should include in your earthquake first aid kit include:

  • water
  • dust mask
  • whistle
  • canned foods and survival food
  • can opener
  • gloves
  • plastic bags
  • goggles
  • flashlights
  • toiletries
  • cooking fuel
  • utensils
  • personal hygiene supplies
  • critical medication backups
  • pet food

In addition to supplies, you should also familiarize yourself with proper evacuation and survival tactics should an earthquake strike. Protect yourself by knowing the safest places to stand away from falling and collapsing debris – such as under a table or desk or in a strong doorway.

Practice these tips with family to ensure they are ready in the event of a disaster. Be sure everyone knows where to meet up if you get separated and who to call for help if needed.

1st Aid Supplies has an array of first aid kits and disaster preparedness supplies to help treat a varied amount of emergency needs. Our first aid product supply and refills can be purchased online worldwide. Shop today!

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