First Aid Supplies Critical for New School Year Preparations 

 July 22, 2019

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First aid supplies are an important tool for preventing and treating injuries and other catastrophes that can arise at any time, and any place. Perhaps nowhere is there a more important place for these supplies and preparations than schools. We send our children off to learn at the start of the day and hope to have them home again by late afternoon in the same condition we left them.

Nurses, administrators, teachers and other adults responsible for their care and wellbeing while in school are keeping a watchful eye but sometimes, scrapes on the playground, a trip over an untied shoe or even a common tummy ache can happen.

For all of these situations, children and parents should be able to feel secure that the situation will be handled promptly and with proper care. To do so, they’ll require the necessary supplies. Things like band-aids, antiseptic sprays, and OTC medicines can go a long way in keeping children safe and focused on learning no matter what the day brings.

In many schools across the U.S. declining budgets have also lead to a decrease in on-site nurses. As this happens, it has become the responsibility of adult staff and teachers to learn how to administer care for children if needed.

Potential First Aid in Schools:

  • Bleeding Control
  • Cuts
  • Sprains
  • Sanitation
  • Common Cold

1stAidSupplies.com offers pre-stocked kits that have been built with classroom needs in mind. If you’re ordering for a school, you’ll want stations where these are located at accessible locations throughout the building.

Our first aid cabinets and kits are ideal for schools and classrooms and can be purchased empty or full. As supplies run low (never let them go empty) you can keep the kits stocked with all products from 1st Aid Supplies.

As a new school year fast approaches now’s the time to start planning your first aid and medical response initiatives for the year and training teachers on critical steps. Need help stocking your schools first aid supplies? Contact us today!

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