First Aid Safety Tips for Patios & Pools 

 April 18, 2018

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The summer season is one of the most enjoyable times of year across the nation because it means warmer weather, longer days and fun outdoors. 

Even if your home is the perfect oasis and you spend hours entertaining guests al fresco, there are still injuries and risks you need to be aware of.

Having a first aid kit handy and knowing basic safety precautions around the pool and patio can go a long way to ensure your summer is a fun and safe one.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Rules are a Must

Things can get out of hand pretty easily when you have a yard full of guests – grown-ups and kids – running around and swimming. Setting ground rules from the moment they step foot into your backyard is important. Remember, not everyone can swim and drowning accidents are a very common problem. Your pool should also be fenced in and up to local codes. Keeping an adult swimmer nearby to supervise is important and having CPR certification is an added bonus to consider.

Not just around the pool, but remember there are other things going on in the yard that are potential hazards too. A hot grill, fire pits and swing sets all come with dangers. Having and enforcing basic rules like no running, being aware of the surroundings and staying safe at all times are critical to preventing injuries.

First Aid Essentials for the Backyard

In the case of an emergency situation, having first aid supplies on hand can prevent serious, life threatening outcomes.

Burns: In case a burn does occur from improper handling around fire, be sure to have some BurnAid gel for pain relief on hand and assess how bad it is before deciding whether or not to have the burn seen by a professional.

Splinters and bites: Running barefoot and the increase in bugs outdoor at this time of year make carrying tweezers for splinters and bug spray at night to stay protected, important.

First Aid Skills: CPR knowledge around the pool in addition to someone trained in the Heimlich maneuver while everyone is enjoying picnic foods can also make an outing that much more enjoyable.

There are so many other things to pay attention to when it comes to summer safety, and the list of supplies is long. Whatever you do, don't go unprotected this summer. 

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