First Aid Kits for Teachers & Classrooms 

 February 6, 2023

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Children can get injured while playing or going about daily activities. When kids get hurt at school, it’s often a minor issue, such as a cut or scrape. Sending an injured child to the school nurse is one option, but teachers can handle many problems themselves if they have first aid kits in their classrooms.

Supplies to Keep in Classroom First Aid Kits

Cuts and scrapes are the most common types of injuries that students experience, so teachers should have supplies that they’ll need to treat them. Classroom first aid kits should contain lots of bandages in a variety of sizes. Bandages with fun designs or pictures of cartoon characters can help lift the spirits of young kids when they get hurt.

Classroom first aid kits should also include antiseptic wipes that teachers can use to clean wounds and antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. In addition, kits should have gauze pads that teachers can use to cover large scrapes, plus tape to hold gauze securely in place. Each classroom first aid kit should contain several pairs of gloves that teachers can put on before treating injured students.

Young kids often fall down and get sore knees and elbows. A cold pack can relieve pain and prevent swelling. Instant cold packs can be stored in classroom first aid kits and activated when needed.  

If students spend time outdoors and get bitten by insects or get sunburn, teachers might be permitted to apply ointment or cream to relieve itching and burning. If so, those supplies can be included in first aid kits in classrooms.

Figure out Which Supplies to Stock in Classroom First Aid Kits

Teachers can handle some common injuries to minimize the amount of time that kids have to spend out of class and to ease the burden on school nurses. School districts differ in terms of the type of first aid training that teachers receive, what kinds of injuries teachers are permitted to treat, and when students should be sent to the school nurse. Review the policies and procedures at your school to decide which supplies to include in classroom first aid kits.

You can purchase what you need from 1st Aid Supplies. We sell first aid kits and supplies in various sizes. You can buy kits that are fully stocked with essentials and purchase extra supplies so teachers will be able to replenish their classroom first aid kits as necessary. Place an order today.

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