First Aid Kits for Hunters: What Every Sportsman Needs in the Wilderness 

 November 23, 2016

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When you’re out fishing or hunting, you’re probably not considering the different dangers you may face. You likely practice weapon safety, but have you considered the other accidents that may occur while you’re out in the woods? Not only have we gone over the most common hunting accidents, but we’ve also taken a look at what you should pack in a first aid kit when you go out hunting.

Tree Stand Accidents

One of the most common injuries that occur while a person is hunting is a tree stand accident. This is largely due to either climbing up or down tree stands, or falling off of tree stands when a hunter falls asleep. This can result in sprains, abrasions, or cuts due to falls.

If you do fall from a tree stand, or find someone who has fallen, then make sure to treat any injuries appropriately. If it’s a sprain, then first ice the sprained joint, elevate it if possible, and then immobilize it. If you’re in the middle of the woods, immobilize the area as best you can, and then leave the area to receive proper medical treatment.

If you suffer cuts, make sure that they’re properly cleaned and you apply antibiotic ointment. Then bandage the area.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Another of the most common wounds to happen during hunting trips are self-inflicted wounds, whether it’s by falling or by not paying attention. If you happen to trip and fall, make sure to check your firearm to make sure that it’s completely clean. Unload the magazine, open the breech, and be sure that nothing is chambered. Then put the safety on and examine the barrel. Be sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly before loading again. If your gun has dirt or mud in the barrel from your fall and you fire it, it could very well explode in your hands.

As always also be aware of your surroundings. When hunting, you’re out in the woods. This means that keeping an eye out for loos terrain, swinging tree branches, and other obstacles is as important to staying safe as gun safety itself.

First Aid Kit for Hunters

One of the ways you can stay safe while out on a hunting trip is have first aid supplies on hand. Taking a portable kit with you can be a big first step toward making sure you and your entire hunting part is safe.

Consider keeping a first aid in your car if you’re parked nearby, or bring one with you into the field. If you’re interested in a first aid kit already packed with all of the supplies you might need, grab one from 1st Aid Supplies.

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