First Aid Kits for Farms 

 October 12, 2022

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Having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential in any situation where there are humans involved. And if you’re running a farm, your first aid kit needs to be even more robust than most—because, on the farm, things can go wrong fast.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s just yourself and your family or if there are dozens of people working on your farm, if something goes wrong, the ability to get medical attention quickly is key.

That’s why we recommend that every farm keep a first aid kit stocked with the following supplies:

  1. Bandages in different sizes and gauges (to accommodate different kinds of injuries)
  2. Sterile pads and gauze pads (in case someone gets cut).
  3. Alcohol wipes (for cleaning wounds)
  4. Antibiotic ointment (to prevent infection)
  5. Large scissors/shears (to cut through heavy clothing)
  6. A thermal blanket (to protect from the elements)
  7. Eyewash (to remove particles, chemicals, or other substances that might get in the eyes)

To ensure you have all the supplies you’ll likely need in an emergency, it’s important to think about the potential injuries at your location and plan ahead. You can purchase empty cabinets and boxes and order first aid supplies to fill them all accordingly.

Farm First Aid Kits should be put together and placed in areas where they’ll be easily and quickly accessible should an emergency arise. Kits on tractors, UTVs in farm shops as well as dairy/hog barns are recommended. 

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