First Aid Kit for Hair Salons 

 May 15, 2020

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As many parts of the nation begin to open up their economies again and relax stay at home orders, salons are a major industry that people have been waiting to visit again. Ever since mandatory shutdowns forced these personal service locations to cease, people have been hoping to regain their self-confidence and pampering that had become the norm. The issue with these and other services is the high contact rate and inability to social distance. Now, with rules in place for appointment only bookings, social distancing, physical barriers, PPE, and even the restricted use of blow dryers, people are feeling more confident about heading back to salons. 

Even without a virus or pandemic, salons are high traffic locations and pose a unique set of risks for both customers and employees with all of the shart devices, heat, and chemicals in the environment. Having a first aid kit for your salon that is fully compliant and stocked with necessary supplies is important. 

Here are a few of those first aid supplies to ensure your salon has on hand. 

Gauze and Bandages for cuts – Most stylist’s scissors and razors are very sharp. It’s how they get such blunt lines and accurate cuts. Sometimes a quick slip can make a cut happen. To stop bleeding quickly you’ll need gauze and bandages on hand. 

Burn relief gels –  Blow dryers, curling irons, and other hair tools work with high heat. In case of a burn, you want to have burn spray or dressing to help relieve the pain.

Fall Prevention – Slippery floors around the sinks and other areas that may become wet pose a hazard be sure to have clear signage and warnings in those areas to help avoid falls.

Chemical protectionGoggles and gloves when mixing chemicals for processing hair or to sanitize the place. 

Need to stock up on supplies? Want to order a fully stocked cabinet or one that’s empty and you can fill with just the supplies you need? We have it all! Free shipping on orders over $99. 


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