First Aid Items To Have At Home During The Covid-19 Pandemic 

 May 1, 2020

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Even if you’re locked up in your home right now, it’s still important to have the right first aid supplies on hand. What if you or someone in your house were to slip and fall? What if you were to cut your hand while making dinner. Sure, you can still get to the emergency room, but with everything going on, there will certainly be entry barriers in place. Considering the situation, ask yourself: can you afford to wait? 

Probably not. Instead, prepare yourself for the worst by keeping some essential first aid supplies around. Here’s a few of the ones you must have.

Gauze & DressingWhat would you do if you needed to control bleeding fast? With the right gauze, you can do more than just apply pressure: you can wrap it so that the bleeding either slows or stops completely.

Pain Relieving Tablets  – If you wake up with a backache, a fever, or a sore throat, what would you do? Now that state and federal officials are encouraging people to simply quarantine themselves, it’s best to have cold, flue, and inflammation reducing medication around. 

Eye Care Supplies – If you’ve ever gotten something stuck in your eye, then you know that it’s not a fun experience. The world changes quickly when your vision is hampered. Rather than rub it–which only makes it worse–stock up on some eye wash solutions and accessories. 

Face Masks – If you must go outside, then your state may mandate that you must wear a face mask. Yes, we know that they’re hard to find, but you’re in luck! We currently have them in stock. The best part is that if you order by 12pm, you’ll get same day shipping!

Stay safe, and remember: we’re in this together!  

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