First Aid Cabinets for Schools 

 January 2, 2018

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Emergency response is critical for all situations, but having preparations in place to protect children while they are at school, is especially important. Administrators tasked with creating response plans must have an efficient and effective strategy in place for addressing all possible situations in the classroom. Parents and faculty depend on these plans to ensure their children and students are safe should an incident arise. Here’s a look at some of the basics.

Plan for Disaster

In advance of any emergency situation, schools and universities should have plans in place on how to address potential hazards. It’s the only way to avoid chaos when a real life situation unfolds. Personnel and student master lists for headcounts, emergency communications devices, and written procedures accessible to all staff, are essentials in the planning phase. Administrators should work on a plan to address all potential hazards from a fall in the playground, to a possible shooter situation. No probability should be left out.

Accessible Tools

In addition to ensuing everyone is accounted for and that there are people on hand administer proper care if needed, possessing the right tools required to address minor injuries and accidents to larger incidents, is important. These first aid supplies should also be readily available and accessible. Classrooms need to have first aid cabinets and offices and other areas of the school also require easy access to supplies for all emergency situations.


Of course the best way to be prepared for unexpected situations is to have hands-on skills and familiarity with dealing in those scenarios. Practicing fire drills and running mock sessions of emergency situations is a critical way to get everyone prepared.

1st Aid Supplies has a vast selection of fully-stocked industrial first aid cabinets and wall-mounted first aid kits that meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards and include essentials like strip bandages, emergency compresses, antibiotic ointments, eye wash packets, sterile gloves, alcohol prep pads, CPR face shields, first aid guide books, and more.

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