First Aid Cabinets for Auto Garages 

 December 6, 2017

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Most workplaces come with a unique set of possible risks relating to the tasks being performed and conditions of the workplace. For auto garages, injuries can stem from slip and falls, to chemical exposure and more.

Workers compensation claims, medical bills and other fines can put your operations at risk. The best way to be ready in case of an emergency is to have a first aid kit on hand. Here are some of the common injuries that occur in auto garages and how a first aid kit can answer to the call.

Eye Injuries

Since mechanics are typically working underneath a hood or the body or a car with their faces close to the objects their fixing, the chances of debris falling down or kicking up into their eyes is greatly increased. In addition to pieces of metal shrapnel and sparks, the chances of chemicals and other harmful substances splashing into an auto workers eyes is greater than in most industries.

Protective eyewear like goggles and glasses should be worn. Your auto garages first aid kit should also contain eye wash so mechanics can quickly flush their eyes of irritants and get quick relief.

Sprains and other Injuries

Falls can happen anywhere, at any time, but the chances of a slip or a being struck by an object are increased on a shop floor where heavy machinery and cars are crowding the space. Dropping a part on one’s hand or foot or lifting equipment that is too heavy can all common ways that lead to injury in this workplace setting.  Your first aid kit can address sprains and other wounds quickly.

Chemical Exposure

Chemicals aren’t just dangerous if they get in someone’s eyes, but they can also cause burns on the skin if they are mishandled or a chemical spill happens at your garage. In some cases these situations could even lead to death if certain toxins are inhaled. Having mechanics in your shop use the proper masks, chemical aprons and other tools as they work with chemicals as well as offering training on how to properly use and dispose of chemicals is vital.

1st Aid Supplies.com  has an expansive list of options when it comes to first aid cabinets and kits ideal for the auto garage setting. Check out our product listings to find the right first aid box for you.  

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