Fatal Workplace Injuries Down + Tips for Better Training 

 January 30, 2019

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Anytime you discuss safety in the workplace it goes hand-in-hand with also talking about OSHA and the regulations they put in place for industries across the map to ensure workers have a safe and healthy environment to attend to each day.

Workplace injuries account for lost revenues and productivity losses and when those accidents become fatal, it can put companies and families under a tremendous amount of pain as well as financial burdens. Preventing fatalities from happening is a major focus for this reason. The good news is that those numbers are now trending downward.

According to the latest findings released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017 saw an 0.8 percent decrease in fatalities at workplaces when compared to the year prior.

This movement toward fewer fatalities from injuries in the workplace is attributed to efforts to improve compliance and helping companies to better understand the laws and requirements for their industry.

So how do you work on improving this further for your workplace? The answer lies in training, defining rules and consistent policy enforcement.

Here are 3 tips that can help make training more successful.

  1. Work in Small Groups
    The most effective training is done in smaller groups so that attention and focus can be better given both by the instructor and those learning. It’s easier to give feedback and evaluate workers as well as offering one-on-one training when it’s approached in this manner versus a large conference hall of attendees just watching a video on a monitor.
  2. Assign Specific Responsibilities
    Part of following through with safety and rules on the job is feeling responsible for others. When emergencies arise having reliable and knowledgeable staff on hand can be the difference between life and death. Give employees specific tasks so they feel accountable to help when sudden situations occur and until emergency responders can arrive.
  3. Refresh Training Regularly
    Training is not a, “set it and forget it” task. It requires consistent reminders and follows through as well as refreshers for even the most senior of staff to ensure everyone is aware of how to handle situations and new rules that have been implemented.

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