Fall Protection Equipment Can Prevent Workplace Accidents 

 August 19, 2016

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Employees who work six feet or more above a lower level can experience serious injuries or death if they fall. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 291 construction-related deaths were caused by falls to a lower level in 2013. Deaths by falling on construction sites can be prevented with the right equipment and training.

Failing to comply with OSHA’s rules can lead to accidents, as well as expensive fines for employers. Inadequate fall protection equipment and other safeguards are the most common reasons why businesses are cited by OSHA for code violations.

Businesses Must Provide Essential Equipment to Prevent Falls

Employers have a responsibility to provide the ladders, scaffolds, and safety equipment needed to prevent accidents. Ladders and scaffolds should be appropriate for the job being performed, and fall protection equipment should be provided and checked to make sure it fits correctly.

Employers in the construction industry or on any other job site where employees work at a substantial height off the ground need to have a plan in place so workers can do their jobs safely. Employers should factor the cost of fall protection equipment into their estimates for the costs associated with a project and plan accordingly. Business owners and managers need to consider all of the places from which employees could fall, including scaffolds, ladders, roofs, and skylights. They should purchase fall protection equipment that is suitable for these hazards.

Employers Need to Train Employees to Avoid Accidents

Employees need to be trained so they know what risks are associated with their jobs, what protective equipment they should use, and how to use it correctly. Employers need to train their workers on how to recognize risks at job sites and how to use fall protection equipment and other equipment, such as ladders and scaffolds, safely.

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