Essential First Aid Supplies Your Kit is Probably Missing 

 July 1, 2016

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First AidYou purchase a first aid kit, believing that you’ve got all supplies for common injuries and emergencies. But, within the scope of one of these situations, more supplies might be needed, particularly extra equipment or ointment.

Whether in your car or home, a typical first aid kit covers various bandages, splints, and creams, but to truly get through more extreme situations, ensure you’re ready with the following:

Extra Equipment

On a basic level, you should be able to treat a minor wound or deal with an insect sting or burn, but in these instances, a bandage or cream might not be enough. You’ll need to sterilize the area, clean your hands, and be ready to remove any foreign objects. At the same time, also consider your situation: Should your vehicle break down or should you be out in the woods, you need extra visibility and protection from the elements.

If your kit doesn’t include the following, be sure to add it:


Along with all supplies listed above, a first aid kit should be ready to address common internal concerns, such as an upset stomach or aches and pains. If your kit doesn’t have the following, supplement it with:

Supplementing your kit or looking to purchase new supplies? 1st Aid Supplies offers full kits, refills, and other essentials to assist you through emergencies. Shop today to expand your kit or keep it up to date.

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