Emergency Preparedness and What It Means for Your Individual Safety 

 July 15, 2021

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An emergency can occur at any time and in any place. You may be stuck at home with no power during a storm. You or a family member may get injured in an accident, or someone may fall ill. Under some circumstances, help won’t be available immediately, which is why it’s important to be prepared for an emergency.

Assemble Essential Supplies

In some cases, you will have time to prepare for an emergency. For example, you may learn about an impending storm day in advance and have time to go grocery shopping, get fuel for a generator, and make sure you have enough flashlights and batteries.

Often, though, an emergency will occur with little or no warning. A car accident may injure your family or knock out electricity in your neighborhood, or a child who is playing may suffer a serious injury that requires immediate first aid.

Stock up on supplies that you may need before a disaster strikes and before you have any reason to suspect that one might. That way, if something unexpected happens, you’ll be equipped to deal with it.

What You Should Have on Hand

You should have a first aid kit in your home, as well as in any vehicles you own. It should include assorted bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, hot and cold packs, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other items that can be used to treat a wide range of injuries and minor illnesses.

If you get stuck at home during a storm, you may not be able to leave for several days. Have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water on hand for every member of your family. If you have pets, be sure that you have food and other essentials for them. If any member of your family takes medication or has other special needs, have enough available to last at least a few days.

Be prepared for a power outage. Have a supply of flashlights or lanterns, plenty of batteries, a manual can opener, and a battery-powered radio. Make sure you have warm clothing and blankets in case you lose heat in cold weather.

Order Supplies So You’ll Be Ready to Handle an Emergency

If you don’t have everything you need to deal with a potential emergency, now is the time to stock up. 1st Aid Supplies offers first aid kits and cabinets in a range of sizes, plus emergency food and water, flashlights, and battery-powered radios. Take stock of what you currently have, figure out what you need, and place an order today.

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