Emergency First Aid Kit: What Your Home Should Have At All Times 

 October 16, 2017

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For most people, being home is their safety blanket. It’s the place you can go to decompress, relax, and make memories. But it’s also a place where emergencies can occur. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to ensure you have tools on hand prepared to address any potential disasters that may come along. Here are some emergency items you should keep in your home’s first aid kit at all times.


A basic first aid kit is a great option to have in your home. Stocked with bandages that can stop a minor cut or scrape, or large wound care wraps, these items are the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of a first aid kit, so it’s a good idea to always have them on hand.


Wound care can be significantly improved with the right ointments and antibiotics. Proper topical care can reduce blistering, sanitize and even relieve pain when used.

Over the Counter Meds

OTC medications that treat everything from headaches and muscle spasms to backaches should be included in your homes first aid kit. You can also include antacids and common cold meds in the kit to keep them in a central location and out of the wrong hands.


Aside from medications and wound care, you should also keep your first aid kit stocked with tools to address emergency situations. Since you’ll never know when you need a tweezer to get a shard of glass out, or matches to see in the dark. Consider adding necessary emergency tools to your kit. After all, you can never be too prepared and being over prepared is much better in an emergency than being unprepared.

1st Aid Supplies offers kits stocked with supplies ready to serve your emergency needs at a moment’s notice. First aid kits also come with a checklist to make sure that you have all your products. Check out the selection.

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