Does Your First Aid Kit Meet the Latest ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standards? 

 June 17, 2016

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Does Your First Aid Kit Meet the Latest ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standards?For first aid kits in businesses, two standards govern placement and contents. The first, OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.151(b), specifies that if an infirmary, clinic, or hospital isn’t close to your place of work, an employee should be adequately trained in first aid, and your facilities need sufficient supplies on hand. For what’s inside, ANSI Z308.1 lists the basic requirements for first aid kits, including their supplies. ANSI periodically updates this section, with the last occurring on June 17, 2015. On a general level, this section classifies kits by supplies and usage, and all need contents to treat major and minor wounds, minor burns, sprains and strains, and eye injuries. Workplaces will update their kits based on need, taking into account the recommendations of an employee with first aid knowledge. Yet, your kit needs to meet the latest standards:

Classes A and B

ANSI divides workplace first aid kits into two classes. Class A is geared toward common workplace injuries, while B has a broader range of supplies designed for complex injuries in high-risk environments. A company should select the right first aid kit based a review of common workplace Injuries, treatment standards, and international practices.

Portability and Placement

Along with the new classifications listed above, ANSI also classifies kits by portability, including if they can be mounted, if they’re water resistant, and if they’re corrosion and impact resistant. These fall into four types:

  • Type I – A stationary kit for indoor applications. Contents have potential for damage due to environmental factors, or rough handling. These kits are not portable. •
  • Type II – A class of portable indoor kits, these must have a carrying handle. • Type III – These are portable for both indoor and outdoor use, including mobile indoor settings. Contents have a low chance of damage due to environmental factors.
  • Type IV – These are intended for portable use in mobile industries or outdoor applications, where the potential for damage due to environmental factors and rough handling is significantly greater.

To find the right kit, consider your workplace’s environment, risks, and layout, and be aware that it needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. If you need supplies for an existing kit or to update one in accordance with ANSI’s standards, browse 1st Aid Supplies’ large selection today.

ANSI's new standards went into effect on Friday, June 17, 2016! If your first aid kit isn't up to date, upgrade today!

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