Defibrillator 101: Dr. Oz Shares Lifesaving AED Tips on the Today Show 

 April 11, 2017

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On a recent episode of the Today show, Dr. Mehmet Oz demonstrated how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to increase the chance of survival for someone who has suffered a heart attack. Dr. Oz told viewers not to be intimidated by an AED because it is designed to be used by a layperson. An AED gives verbal instructions on how to use it. 

A Quick Response Can Save a Life

If someone has suffered a heart attack, locate the AED as soon as possible and have someone else call 911. Check to see if the victim is breathing. One person can start chest compressions while waiting for another to retrieve the AED. Perform rapid, forceful chest compressions at a rate of 100 per minute until the AED is activated. Continue to use the AED and chest compressions until the person is revived or until emergency medical personnel arrive.

After the AED has been located and turned on, follow the instructions that explain where and how to attach the pads. If the victim is a woman, you may have to move or remove the bra. After you apply the patches, the machine will tell you to step away so it can analyze. It will determine whether or not the person needs a shock. If a shock is necessary, the AED will give a three-second countdown. Make sure no one is touching the victim after the AED pads are attached. 

Order an AED So You Can Be Prepared to Respond in an Emergency

Many schools, offices, and gyms have AEDs. Some states require them, while others do not. It is important to make sure people know where an AED is located so it can be retrieved quickly in an emergency. 

A heart attack can occur at any time. An automated external defibrillator can save a person’s life in an emergency. If you run a business or work at a school or a public building, you can be prepared to respond if someone suffers a heart attack by having an AED on hand. 1st Aid Supplies offers AEDs that are easy to use in an emergency. View the video below and order one today.


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