CPR and AED Training Can Prepare Your Employees to Save Lives 

 October 31, 2016

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across the United States experience sudden cardiac arrest and heart attacks. Many of them die or suffer permanent injuries because they do not receive treatment immediately.

Quick Treatment Can Save Lives

If someone who has experienced a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest receives treatment with CPR or an automated external defibrillator (AED) immediately, the chance of survival increases significantly. Receiving life-saving treatment promptly can also reduce the risk of damage to the heart, brain, and other vital organs.

Why Employees Should Receive CPR and AED Training

If someone suffers a heart attack at work, it can take several minutes for someone to call 911 and for an ambulance to arrive. In that time, the person can experience a loss of oxygen that can lead to permanent disability or death. This is why it is essential for employees to know how to perform CPR. Having employees trained in CPR can save someone’s life in an emergency situation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers in many fields to provide CPR training for their employees. Workers in schools, daycares, medical facilities, and other types of businesses are legally required to be trained and certified in CPR.

Even if your company is not mandated to provide CPR training, it is still a good idea that could allow someone to save the life of a fellow employee or a visitor who has a heart attack. Knowing CPR can also enable an employee to save the life of a family member, friend, or another member of the public.

An AED can provide an electrical shock that can restart the heart following sudden cardiac arrest. Having an AED in the workplace can save lives, but only if people know how to use it. This is why it is essential both to have the device available and to make sure that all of your employees know how to use it.

Where to Get CPR and AED Training for Your Employees

1st Aid Supplies offers training in CPR and AED use for employees in workplaces in any field. We can provide an interactive class where your employees can learn how to perform CPR or use an AED so they will be prepared to respond immediately and provide life-saving treatment before an ambulance arrives. This training can be beneficial to your employees and their families and friends and can also help your business comply with OSHA regulations. To learn more, contact 1st Aid Supplies today.


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