Considering Diabetes with 1st Aid Response 

 May 14, 2019

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Many people are affected by diabetes in different ways. Typically management of the disease is done based on someone’s specific needs. Sometimes though, episodes can occur when blood sugars drop too low. These can quickly turn into emergency situations so being prepared for them as you’re planning your disaster and emergency planning is important.

Here are some things to keep in mind during an emergency when it comes to those suffering from diabetes.

Hypoglycemia Signs

Low blood sugar can lead to Hypoglycemia which can cause someone to shake, sweat, get drowsy or even have a racing heart rate. To help contain these symptoms access to a sugar or carbohydrate will help improve levels.

Medication Administering

Depending on the type of diabetes someone is suffering from, they may require regular insulin injections to help keep their blood levels regulated. Not everyone is trained to inject a sharp or sometimes someone will not have it on them. In these cases, staying hydrated until necessary medications can be provided is key.

Higher Risk of Infection

One of the biggest risks to consider when administering first aid to someone with diabetes is that they are susceptible to infections much more than usual. This is due to blood vessel damage and if swelling and cuts are present, they’ll need further medical help.

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