Considering a Hike to Enjoy the Nice Weather? Bring First Aid Supplies 

 February 26, 2018

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For most of the country battling a deep freeze this winter, the warmer temps are coming and that means time to get outdoors. A favorite pastime for many is hiking. The activity isn’t just good for weight loss and stress relief, but it also presents a breath-taking view of nature and time outdoors which we’ve lost touch with as a society buried in our mobile devices and tied to our desks.

Outdoor Survival Items

As with anything, there are also dangers to consider. Depending where and how you’re hiking, you’ll be exposed to insects, wildlife, falls and other possibilities.  Anytime you’re heading to unknown territory, and especially when off the grid, you’ll want to be sure to be prepared in advance. Know the marked trails, use safe walking shoes and don’t make careless mistakes on your trek that put you in harm’s way.

Remaining aware and prepared in addition to planning ahead are the main ways that hikers can prevent disasters from happening. Be prepared for whatever injuries may occur by packing first aid supplies for the walk.  This is a review of the items you should include.

Water & Food

In the case that you do end up off the marked trails and lost in the woods, you’ll want to have basic survival items on hand until you find your way back. Emergency water, food, compasses, lighters and waterproof covers are some of the very basics you’ll want to pack.

Insect Repellant & Sunscreen

Since you’ll be outdoors, you’re exposed to things like insect-borne diseases, animal attacks and dangerous from weather conditions including sun overexposure. Your first aid kit should include sunscreen to shield your skin from the dangers of the sun. Choose one that is SPF30 or higher. You should also pack poison ivy and oak cleanser should someone have an allergic reaction while hiking. This will treat and prevent the irritation.

Bandages & Wound Care

The most essential first aid items to have on hand address minor cuts to larger wounds and sprains. Be sure to pack bandages of varied sizes for scrapes as well as ace wraps, gauze, tweezers and even blister care as this can be a common injury while on a long walk.

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