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 August 14, 2023

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There’s no way to predict when or where an emergency might happen. A person who knows what to do and responds quickly can save someone’s life. UniShield offers courses in first aid and CPR, as well as other types of training programs that can be valuable to your company and the broader community.

Safety and Emergency Response Training for Businesses 

Teaching your employees how to prevent accidents and deal with emergencies can help them do their jobs better and boost morale. Creating a safety-conscious culture can show workers that you respect and value them. That can help your company maintain a strong and committed team and reduce turnover. 

Having regular training sessions can save your business money in the long run. Focusing on health and safety can reduce the number of sick days that employees use and help prevent worker’s compensation claims, long-term absences due to injuries, and drops in productivity.

For some fields and types of jobs, safety education is required. If the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates training for your workers, UniShield can provide programs that meet those requirements. 

Training for Schools and Community Groups

Emergency response training is also valuable for schools, nonprofit organizations, and other groups. Teachers and administrators should be prepared to handle emergencies, but children can also be taught what to do if a sibling, friend, parent, or teacher needs help. 

The more people who receive first aid and CPR training, the better off a community will be as a whole. If someone gets hurt or experiences a medical emergency, a family member, friend, coworker, or even a complete stranger might be able to provide life-saving assistance before an ambulance arrives.

If you lead a community organization, such as a scout troop, a volunteer group, or a house of worship, UniShield can teach first aid and CPR classes for your members. You can also offer training sessions that are open to the general public.

Schedule Safety and Emergency Response Training 

UniShield has a team of certified experts who can teach members of your organization or community life-saving skills, such as first aid, CPR, and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). We also offer training programs that might be useful to your group or required by law. For example, we offer courses on fire extinguisher safety, OSHA compliance, earthquake and disaster preparedness, active shooter response, and other topics. 

UniShield makes our programs convenient. We can visit your location in Southern California and provide on-site training. Contact us today to schedule one or more classes.

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