Carry-on Packing List for Vacation 

 July 15, 2019

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Going on vacation can be chaotic. Especially if you’re going with a large group or young children. Keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts, making sure there’s an itinerary for the trip and trying to have fun can make remembering last minute items like sunglasses, or extra shoes difficult.

Here is a helpful carry-on packing list to get started on for your vacation.

Keep Basic Toiletries Handy

In addition to the above-mentioned craziness that typically comes with planning a vacation, there’s also the fact that the TSA has become much more stringent about the items taken on planes. Knowing what you’ve packed won’t get you held up in line is the reassuring thing you could use right now.  Keep basic toiletries you’ll need access to in your carry-on complying with all standards. That includes keeping liquids and gels in a small 3.4oz or smaller bottle.

Stay Connected

If you’ll be taking some work with you on your trip or just want to make sure you have a fully charged device so you can capture all of the fun moments and memories, then you need to ensure you’ve packed those devices, their chargers and any outlet adapters you might need. While you’re at it, don’t forget to all ensure your wireless provider offers service in the area or if you need to get an unlocked SIM to have connectivity.

Bring First Aid Supplies

One thing you’ll want to plan for ahead of time so none of the chaos leaves you wishing you did – is a first aid kit. Even just a few medical supplies could go a long way from keeping disaster out of the equation for your vacation. From minor slips and falls to cuts and scrapes or even some sunburn, having all of the things needed to quickly treat or prevent injury is critical.

This is one of those pre-vacation planning tips you don’t want to skip.

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