Build a First Aid Kit for Hurricane Season 

 July 26, 2018

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Hurricane season is in full swing for those located in coastal areas, that means everything from flooding to power outages are on the radar. This year’s hurricane season is predicted to be especially active with 14 large storms already named and 7 of those expected to become hurricanes, it makes sense to be prepared.   

Here are some tips for building a first aid kit to keep you prepared for whatever emergencies hurricane season brings in 2018.

Understand the Dangers

In addition to large amounts of rainfall that cause flooding issues, hurricanes typically come with very strong winds – strong enough to damage homes and cars and put people in real danger. Understanding these potential dangers is key to preparing a defense.

Take Inventory

It’s a good idea to check that you have supplies on hand and readily available in the event of a storm emergency. Take some time now that there are no current threats to write down what you have and what you’ll need and also factor in the number of people you’ll be responsible for should an emergency arise. Having this information will help you to plan accordingly and ensure there are enough supplies for survival for all.

Stock-up on First Aid Supplies

Once you have a list compiled of what you need to add to your kit, compare that to these recommended first aid supplies for surviving a hurricane disaster. Aside from basic survival items like food, water and lighting be sure to include these items:

– Over the counter medications

– Antiseptic Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

– Bandages and Gauze

–  Biohazard Waste Disposal Bags 


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1st Aid Supplies has everything from disaster preparedness kits with supplies for up to 20 people to survive for 3 days including food, water, sanitation, and medical tools to stay healthy and safe until first responders can arrive. We also carry common first aid supplies like bandages, gauze, antiseptics, ointments, and pain relievers and specialty items like stethoscopes or trauma kits for EMTs and first responders. 

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