Benefits of Commercial First Aid Kits For Your Home 

 December 6, 2019

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Everyone should have a first aid kit in their home; however, “home” first aid kits are not quite as practical or comprehensive as a commercial-grade option. 

Now you might be thinking:

Aren’t commercial first aid kits meant to protect a large group of people? Does my family of 4 really need that many supplies?

The truth is that most residential kits are built more for curb appeal than practicality. While you may not have an immediate need for all the pieces within a commercial kit, there are certainly some additional benefits of choosing the latter over the former.

Quality Commercial Kits Are ANSI Compliant

 The ANSI collects nationwide data about workplace incidents and injuries; therefore, kits that comply with ANSI’s guidelines are designed to provide the contents necessary to treat real-life injuries.

While these standards may be based off of workplace injury data, much of the injuries cited can also happen in your home. For example, burns and cuts can happen anywhere at any time, not just in a factory or a construction site. With ANSI compliant first aid kit, you’ll be able to tend to a wide variety of common injuries.

Shop Commercial First Aid Kits From 1st Aid Supplies

We have a variety of ANSI-Compliant  Wall-Mounted First Aid Cabinets to choose from. Start shopping today!

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