Be Prepared for a Hurricane with Emergency Lighting and Communications Equipment 

 August 15, 2017

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The United States is in the middle of hurricane season. When a hurricane strikes, the results can be devastating. Fierce winds can knock down trees and power lines. People can be left in the dark for days or even weeks at a time before crews are able to restore electricity to all of the affected areas. Residents can be trapped in their homes if trees fall and cause damage that blocks access to the doors and windows. 

If you live in an area where there is a risk of hurricanes, you need to be prepared. Even though a hurricane can be forecast in advance, there is no way to know which neighborhoods will be affected and how severe the damage will be. You should stock up now on some supplies you will need in case you are stuck in your home in the dark in the aftermath of a hurricane. 

Essential Supplies You Should Have to Be Prepared for a Hurricane

You should have flashlights so you can see to move around your home safely in the dark. Even if you and your family are not injured by the hurricane itself, you could be hurt if you trip and fall when walking around your house during a power outage. Make sure you have a flashlight for each room in your house. 1st Aid Supplies offers several types of flashlights, including ones that use batteries and flashlights that are activated by shaking. We also sell emergency candles and light sticks that can help you walk safely around your home in the dark.

If the power is out and you are stuck in your home, you will need a way to stay up to date on the news. 1st Aid Supplies sells a hand-crank flashlight with an AM/FM radio so you can listen to the local news and know what is going on in your area and when you can expect to receive assistance. 

You may also need to call for help if you are trapped inside your house and you or someone else in your family is injured or in danger. Our flashlight with a radio also includes an emergency siren. In addition, 1st Aid Supplies sells whistles and megaphones that you can use to signal to first responders that you are trapped inside your home and need help.

Order Supplies to Be Prepared for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is here and will continue until the end of November. Several named storms usually occur in every season. Don’t be caught unprepared. If you live in a region where there is a threat of hurricanes, make sure you are ready with emergency lighting and communications supplies. 1st Aid Supplies offers a selection of flashlights and equipment you can use to listen to the news and call for help. Place your order today.

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